It’s 10 years now since I joined CIB and whilst Andy’s jokes haven’t changed, a huge amount has. Remember…

1.     When accessing your emails away from the office involved dialling in (remember that sound!!)

2.     When corporate videos cost £10,000+ and required a specialist camera crew?

3.     When you wrote a press release, a case study or a feature.  That’s it.

4.     When magazines charged colour separations (oh, hold on…)

5.     … and they came through on fax

6.     When you used to go out to lunch with Terry Smith and got home at 10pm (oh, hold on…)

7.     When Interbuild was still huge (and going)

8.     When the only tweets would have been from Andy’s bird feeder

9.     When a sales rep couldn’t just “take a photo with their phone” instead of using a professional, architectural photographer (ehem)

10. When I wasn’t old enough to be our account execs’ mother (sigh!)

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