A Top 20 B2B PR Agency

The B2B Marketing’s first league table for B2B PR Agencies was revealed today –and I am so chuffed to see CIB at number 15.

To many outside of the industry, PR is something that Edina Monsoon or Alistair Campbell does. When I say I work in PR, the initial reaction is that it must be very glamorous and that I swan around a lot (Andy would probably say that I do!).  Few realise that behind the scenes there are consultancies like CIB who pride themselves on promoting some of the biggest brands in the UK..…that are completely unknown to them unless they are architects, plumbers or building engineers. 

The thing I love most about B2B PR is that it’s not just about who you know - but what you know.  The technical insight you need to understand the key features and benefits of a building product or the intricacies of the specification process or supply chain give the job so much more depth.  And whereas few people would say it was an initial ambition to work in construction PR, many - like me - now couldn’t imagine working in any other sector.

So, I’m really pleased that B2B Marketing has recognised specialist agencies like our own – and thank the hard work and enthusiasm at CIB for getting us into the Top 20!

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