Sort out your Facebook customer service or someone might do it for you

Apart from branding and a well-thought-out Marketing campaign, there is another big factor which helps determines a customer's opinion on your company that can forgotten about. The attitude and responsiveness of your customer service agents can have a lasting impression on their opinion of your company, and a negative experience can lose you their trust as well as their business.

It's important to respond quickly to any concerns or complaints that come through, otherwise there's a chance US comics Ben Palmer and Nick Price will beat you to it! We can laugh now at their responses as they pose as customer services for well-known brands, but we can also learn something from it. If we aren't quick enough with our responses, a situation like this could lead to your customers only becoming more frustrated - and you will be facing the brunt of what was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek representation of the role of a customer service agent!

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