We're currently recruiting, click here for details on current roles

We're currently recruiting,

click here for details on current roles

Proud to represent some of the biggest brands in construction

CIB remains the construction industry’s leading agency. Our bright, enthusiastic teams, each headed by knowledgable professionals with between 5-15 years’ specific industry experience, continue to delight our clients. 

With an increasing number of channels at our disposal and more budgetary scrutiny, the need for clarity in communications has never been greater. With over 70 live clients in the construction industry, our pragmatic results driven approach continues to be proven, time and time again.

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A Quick Word From Our Directors

With a wealth of B2B construction industry experience, Catherine and Gavin took over the business in April 2016 and continue to drive it forward. They have an active involvement with clients and campaigns on a day to day basis.

Catherine Caplis, Managing Director

Catherine Caplis

Managing Director

By working closely and collaboratively with clients we can deliver effective campaigns aligned with core business objectives. We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of a client’s business by building long term relationships, not only with the marketing team but with the wider business to gain a full understanding of a company’s objectives and issues. Our clients can rely on us to drive activity with a knowledge and enthusiasm that achieves consistent results.

Gavin Tadman, Managing Director

Gavin Tadman

Managing Director

We work hard to understand the shifting dynamics of communications, as we move towards Web 3.0. This is achieved through a mix of networking, participating at industry events, absorbing the influence of B2C marketing and the failsafe of hands-on activity. In this way we offer our clients best advice on the structure of their marketing. I enjoy nothing more than meeting with potential clients to share the insight gained in running countless campaigns for some of the leading brands in the sector.

Introducing Our Senior Management Team

They are supported by a dedicated and experienced senior management team with a range of complementary skills and expertise.