A brand that’s built to last

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A brand that’s built to last A brand that’s built to last
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Every brand evolves over time and CIB has worked with TREMCO, the flooring, waterproofing, and glazing sealants manufacturer, to deliver the latest iteration of their brand. The brief was for a complete refresh of everything from the logo and product packaging to literature, point of sale material and the company website.

Many factors had to be considered when re-designing this worldwide brand. As with many long-standing brands the changes needed to be an evolution, the next step in the brand story. The new look needed to be fresh and different but still easily recognisable to those familiar with TREMCO.

For the packaging, making the product information easy to find and understand was just as important as stand out on the shelf. For example a colour coding system was introduced to help differentiate products. We also designed what became known as the ‘info bar’, an area on the labels that contains all the key information about the product. To make sure TREMCO’s products were unmistakable on the shelf, the re-designed corporate identity was a focus of the design.

A combined rebrand and packaging redesign are immersive projects that take many hours of work but it’s all worth it when you see the complete picture and the results achieved.

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