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A real Eiffel or is it?

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A real Eiffel or is it?
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Having launched into the French market four years ago, Catnic was keen to further strengthen its brand equity and product recognition within the country.

A key communications objective was to reinforce its position as a premium brand whilst at the same time convey a comprehensive product range to help grow market share as well as their stockist footprint.

As part of the strategy CIB was tasked with the development of a creative concept to work within Catnic's brand guidelines. This needed to be used for print advertising as well as be sufficiently versatile so that it could be easily manipulated into banner ads and on-going email marketing.

The concept we created uses the Eiffel Tower (a metal structure synonymous with strength) but with a twist – we built the structure itself completely out of Catnic product via a 3D illustration. By association, the concept cleverly infers the strength of Catnic’s plasterbead and mesh (a key point of differentiation) while at the same time features the range in a visually engaging way as the hero of the advert.

A number of French companies have been highlighting ‘Made in France’ within their marketing material against the backdrop of the economic crisis. Therefore the use of the Eiffel Tower (such an iconic French structure) was a useful connotation and not only helped associate Catnic with the building industry (as a relatively new player in the French market), but also reflected the business' long-term commitment to this market with a product range that is built to last.

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Client testimonial

“A strong, clear brand presence is vital when emerging in to new markets, CIB’s creative team have helped us define a unique iconic design amongst a new and growing customer base, maintain global brand consistency, whilst differentiating locally as we expand into new countries.”

- Charmaine Petty, Marketing Manager, Catnic