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Building it better for Catnic

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Building it better for Catnic Building it better for Catnic Building it better for Catnic Building it better for Catnic
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Following the success of our three year ‘Make it happen’ campaign which helped to re-position the Catnic brand and grow its merchant distribution, CIB was tasked with creating a new integrated campaign that could be used by Catnic across all its marcoms activity over the next four year period.

The ‘build it better’ communications platform took things on a step – where previously the focus was primarily on the product, ‘build it better’ moved the conversation to being one of partnership emphasising the importance of quality workmanship when combined with quality products i.e. with your experience and our quality products and support, together we’ll build it better.

This new overarching theme has been cascaded throughout Catnic’s PR, advertising and social media activity.

A key part of our strategy was re-launching the company’s Facebook page but utilising it in an entirely different way to previously.

Branded as ‘build it better’; the new Facebook page is designed to act as a hub of knowledge, information and best practice aimed at builders, plasterers and roofing contractors.

The key, as ever, was the content. The page is managed and populated on a weekly basis by CIB with blogs, images and videos from some of the UK’s leading construction brands and trade publications, as well as the professionals themselves who take time and pride in their work to share top tips and expert advice. Product information is restricted to those that help to overcome a challenge faced on site, meet necessary building regulations or simply to achieve professional results efficiently.

Catnic’s own educational content is then staggered onto the Facebook page from short vox pop videos, how to guides and step-by-step videos that the CIB team produce (interestingly, Catnic’s own content remains consistently in the top five best performing posts every month).

The ‘build it better’ page was launched in May 2016 with 379 existing page likes. Through informative content and targeted social media advertising that figure rose to over 9,000 in just six months. To date, the page has built a community of over 16,000 followers.

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Client testimonial

“CIB has played a key role in developing our brand story and visibility, not only within the UK market but also across Europe. Our working relationship is superb; CIB has stayed sharp for the last 10 years of collaboration and our return on marketing investment continues to increase.” 
- Charmaine Petty, Marketing Manager, Catnic