Engineering a sense of belonging

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Engineering a sense of belonging Engineering a sense of belonging Engineering a sense of belonging Engineering a sense of belonging
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Bisley understands and is at the forefront of the changing nature of workplace design (whether that’s at work or at home) and the key role office storage and furniture play in creating aesthetic, productive and efficient spaces that people want to work in. The brand has a rich heritage dating back to 1940’s and is synonymous with office storage and furniture.

Selecting appropriate storage is critical to successful workplaces and should be the starting point when designing a space, not an afterthought – it can aid creativity, collaboration and provide employees with a sense of belonging.

Having recently commissioned new photography and CGI roomsets, CIB was commissioned to develop a set of overarching brand ads aimed at the A&D community which were sympathetic to Bisley's newly created visual language.

Appearing in FX, On Office and Mix Interiors, our confident set of print ads leverage the new roomset photography while cleverly communicating the established nature of the Bisley brand and the impact both storage and furniture have on our productivity and ultimately how connected we feel to the organisations within which we work - critical in the age of flexible working.

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Client testimonial

“CIB quickly interpreted our creative brief providing a range of concepts for us to choose between – we’re really pleased with the final set of four ads which successfully convey the key messages we were looking to deliver” - Sarah Cooney, International Communications Manager, Bisley