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CMA Awards 2016 - Highly Commended - Best Digital Campaign

If it’s late, it’s free

Social Media, Digital

If it’s late, it’s free If it’s late, it’s free
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Door-Stop is one of the leading UK composite door manufacturers. Having approached CIB with a key objective to generate new account sign-ups by the trade on what was a limited budget, it was decided that a highly targeted social media advertising campaign would be best suited to drive installers to open an account, as well as to increase the awareness of Door-Stop and its available services.

Of particular interest was the ability to monetise Door-Stop’s social media using Google Analytics alongside their CRM system to track conversions and directly attribute this activity to sales for the first time. This would ultimately enable us to assess whether Facebook or Twitter advertising was more cost effective in driving conversions.

Our three-month 'if it's late, it's free' campaign tested different targeting and creative with ROI calculated on the average spend within the first 12 months of new account sign ups.

Eight new account sign ups were directly achieved from direct click throughs from the social media advertising - forecasts have shown that every £1 spent on the campaign, will return £9.43 (an ROI of 843%). This predicted ROI was based on the average number of doors ordered by new customers over a 12-month period.

In addition to generating a really strong ROI, the number of leads Door-Stop received generally during this period also increased considerably pointing to an increase in their broader awareness as a result of the campaign. Within the period of the campaign the number of total new account sign ups was 33% up year on year. This has been attributed to the increased presence of Door-Stop due to the campaign. 

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Client testimonial

“After launching Sales Manager two (plug-in) and one of the most advanced interactive websites in the door industry for homeowners, which would deliver leads straight to our installers via the new plug-in. We knew the website would become a big hit, so we wanted to increase the number of installers we had on our system in order to effectively manage the leads we would be receiving. As such, we are very pleased with the results of the social media advertising campaign, as it has managed to increase our bank of contractors, which in turn will grow our sales – all from spending a very small amount of money.” - Patrick Dean, Head of Sales and Marketing, Door-Stop