Major re-brand for The Carey Group

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Major re-brand for The Carey Group Major re-brand for The Carey Group Major re-brand for The Carey Group
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The Carey Group had grown organically over time, with different businesses being added at different stages of its evolution. As such, there had (until now) been no sense of structure about how the branding should be used across the Group, within division, or on-site and this had led to a huge disparity as to how the brand and the sub-brands had been appearing on printed material, on-line and on site.

CIB was therefore commissioned to unify the business creating a clear branding strategy with the proviso that we maintained and embraced elements of the existing visual identity. Critical to success was creating consistency in the logos for their various brands to portray an organisation that can clearly and succinctly communicate its offer as individual companies and, when combined, demonstrate the overall strength of the group.

Initially, CIB was tasked with conducting a complete brand and site audit, with further research into the implementation of the brand, over a six month period, investigating how Careys used its existing brand throughout the entire operation, spanning the corporate group and six main business divisions. To do this, we created a task group of designers and project managers to investigate all of The Carey Group and constituent companies’ branding, from the logos, to letterheads, PPE, tenders and most importantly the disparity and inconsistency of branding on-site, on a macro level (e.g. site hoardings) through to a micro level (way finders, canteen menus, room signage, etc).

The output being a clear strategy and implementation programme, with the creation of a detailed set of brand guidelines (the first in the Group’s history).

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