Press event proves key in launching new TradeHelp app


Press event proves key in launching new TradeHelp app Press event proves key in launching new TradeHelp app Press event proves key in launching new TradeHelp app
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At CIB we understand how to successfully launch a brand new product or service to the industry and we take pride in what we are able to achieve, thanks to our close working relationship with trade titles. So when TradeHelp approached us for help to launch its new app designed to enhance central heating installers’ businesses, we were looking forward to the challenge and knew that a press event would be the best strategy to kick start the campaign.

When some people hear the words press event they can be sceptical; some may think that it is just a jolly to get editors and journalists into one room, to wine and dine them. But in actual fact, a press event is a tried, trusted and very successful tactic; delivering a platform to showcase a product’s features and benefits, whilst providing the opportunity for client and editor relationship building. 

To launch TradeHelp’s new app, we chose a smart London restaurant that offered private dining, so the client could confidently and privately present and demo the new product just to their audience, before enjoying lunch and networking the room. We had a fantastic turnout of nine receptive magazine editors from the plumbing and merchant titles, which in turn led to lively discussions and plenty of conversations to stimulate content for the journalists.

As with all events, follow up afterwards is key with comprehensive and informative press packs and product detail. Any specific conversations on potential content held at the event, were explored and help given to the editor to produce the editorial. 

We managed to secure at least ten pieces of general coverage about the app, as well as ten page or double page features (plus a six monthly column piece within PHAM News). In fact, with the amount of coverage received and with the whole press event costing less than £1,000, there was a great ROI achieved – delighting the client and guaranteeing a stand out splash of coverage to kick start the rest of the campaign.

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Client testimonial

“TradeHelp approached CIB to guide us through the launch of a new mobile app within the industry press. They surprised us by strongly advocating that we hold an editor’s lunch in London - to present the app and meet some of the key people. The support and advice provided was instrumental in enabling us to showcase our product and services to best effect, and we are delighted with the press coverage that has followed.” - Sophie Hedgecoe, Project Manager, TradeHelp