Pushing the brand for PSH

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Pushing the brand for PSH Pushing the brand for PSH
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CIB was tasked with freshening the brand and the website of PSH Consulting, a mechanical and design engineering firm. PSH needed to portray themselves as a professional outfit, befitting their status as a consultant working on prestigious projects throughout the UK, capable of delivering a wide range of schemes by providing measurable benefits through utilising its experience, expertise and the latest tools in mechanical and electrical engineering design and management.

With the logo, the ‘consulting’ element was dropped, leaving PSH to be a bold brand in its own right and to be easily recognisable against that of the competition. The use of colour further emphasises the brand, draws the eye and underpins their philosophy of being fresh and forward thinking.

We developed a website to highlight PSH’s expertise in the vertical sectors; showcasing the depth and breadth of the services offered. The visual identity was an expansion on the brand identity to portray a serious, professional and knowledgeable company.


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