Responsive website pushes the envelope for Prater


Responsive website pushes the envelope for Prater Responsive website pushes the envelope for Prater
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The brief from specialist contractor Prater was to develop a more modern, visually appealing website that was easier for visitors to navigate while ensuring it displayed equally well on both tablet and mobile.

The prominent use of project imagery within the carousel style header ensures Prater’s full scope of works is displayed right from the outset – underpinning Prater’s broad capability and providing a visually striking introduction to the site.

A key feature of the fully responsive website is the new interactive bid submissions portal for clients to help aid easy and collaborative communication. This was an important requirement to address both existing client needs – and to help facilitate new business opportunities.

Although aesthetics and usability were important criteria, key from the outset was to ensure that traffic to the site increased….something we're pleased to say was achieved through strong on-site optimisation with a significant uplift in the first month alone.

Time to think more responsively

With mobile devices set to overtake desktop PC's as the dominant internet platform by 2014, make sure your website is responsive. See how your current site displays on tablet and mobile by using our responsinator tool?

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