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Say Hello to E-Tec from Alpha

PR, Social Media, Design for Print, Digital, Video

Say Hello to E-Tec from Alpha
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In April 2017, Alpha Heating Innovation launched its most energy efficient compact boiler yet and tasked CIB with the promotion.

Our approach was to develop a highly targeted campaign that ran across multiple channels, including print advertising, PR, social media (both organic and paid for), e-communication and POS within merchant stores.

One of the key messages to be conveyed about the new boiler was its ease of installation and to reflect this we wanted the creative to be simple in its execution. 

We introduced the ‘Hi’ speech bubble to invite the audience to ‘Say Hello to E-Tec” with the aim of encouraging engagement on social while clearly communicating the benefits of the new product over that of the existing competition. 

All activity pointed back to the animation we created which was used as the central asset with mini edits produced pushing specific benefits that were drip fed through each social media channel.

Since the launch of E-Tec, sales are up 10% with a steady increase month on month.

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Client testimonial

‘The E-Tec campaign represented a significant launch for us in 2017. On what was a relatively limited budget we’ve been delighted to see a consistent month on month uplift in sales of the new range compared to our forecast – an excellent campaign that’s had a direct impact’ - Catherine Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Alpha Heating Innovation