Securing results for Buttonfix

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Securing results for Buttonfix Securing results for Buttonfix
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Buttonfix is the developer of the innovative Button-fix range of removable panel fasteners. An award-winning product, Buttonfix wanted to increase awareness of its Type 2 Fix amongst its day-to-day users - plumbers and bathroom fitters - and tasked CIB to do so.

Utilising Buttonfix’s existing video demonstrating the Type 2 Fix in action and being used to fit a bath panel, a social media advertising campaign was devised.

The initial campaign used the video to drive clicks to the Type 2 Fix webpage. Generating more than 900 clicks, a result rate of 1.32% and 70,100 impressions, the Facebook campaign was a great success.

To build upon the results and drive conversions, CIB devised a ‘retargeting’ campaign. Creating four bespoke Facebook audiences, the campaign targeted:

  • Those who viewed over 10 seconds of the video during the initial campaign
  • A video view lookalike audience
  • Website visitors from the past 180 days
  • A website visitor lookalike audience

The campaign used a condensed 45-second video of the initial film as its creative to act as a refresher for those who saw the original and provide essential information to the lookalike audiences. The call to action was intended to drive traffic to a list of Button-fix distributors and ultimately, generate sales. 

The results of the campaign were astounding. Driving 5,839 clicks to the website at a cost per click of 8p, the result rate was an impressive 6.51%.

A clear demonstration of the impact of exceptional targeting, the two-stage campaign that had a combined budget of less than £1,000, delivered its objective.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Client testimonial

“The Facebook advertising campaigns created by CIB produced real results - we’ve received phone calls about product pricing and for further information, and our website analytics demonstrated a 4,700% increase in traffic from last year to our ‘where to buy’ page.” - Julie Freedman, Head of Sales and Marketing, Buttonfix