Shifting attitudes inform Viega’s UK strategy


Shifting attitudes inform Viega’s UK strategy Shifting attitudes inform Viega’s UK strategy
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Viega is a global giant in piping, pre-wall and drainage systems, from building services installations through to industrial plant constructions and shipbuilding.

As a new entrant to the UK market, with a small market share across all segments, a need for market research was identified to gain further insight into the specifying behaviour and brand preferences of its key target markets. Viega also wanted to understand the level of influence different members of a project team have on product specification to help them in allocating both resource and budget across the sales and marketing operations.

Recognising that the UK plumbing market is very different from Viega’s other main markets of Germany and the US, the research we commissioned was seen as a crucial part of its market cultivation strategy - to inform the growing sales team at Viega and shape the company’s marketing strategy, with Viega due to invest heavily in the UK market for the first time.

We commissioned research partner Competitive Advantage to conduct a series of telephone interviews with M&E contractors concerning their use of pipework connectors. 

The research forecasted a continued shift in attitudes towards press fittings and highlighted a fragmented market, ripe for disruption. Based on these insights, the PR campaign we developed was aimed at challenging the status quo introducing a dialogue around the opportunity Viega presented to easily move away from thin-wall piping - widely recognised for its shortcomings - to thick-wall piping. It also delved into the subject of poor installation, with a unique solution that had the potential to save contractors literally tens of thousands of pounds in remedial work, due to failed pipework connections.

From an understandable low base as a relatively new entrant to the UK market, our market research and subsequent PR activity has successfully contributed to a significant sales uplift in the first year with an increase in specifications to match.

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