Sugar coating for the BCF

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Infographics are designed as a really accessible and visually engaging way to communicate often complex information. That's very much what we achieved for the British Coatings Federation (BCF) with an infographic targeted at a largely consumer audience designed to explain the role the BCF plays, how important coatings are and the often unseen contribution they make to people's everyday lives.

The 'World without coatings' infographic was subsequrently shortlisted for the 'Trade Association Forum Electronic Communication of the Year' in 2013 - its visual impact is a show stopper.

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Client testimonial

“We were absolutely delighted with the “A World without Coatings” infographic designed and produced for us by CIB Communications. Our members have been equally impressed and there was a spontaneous round of applause from the BCF Board when it was launched - not something that has happened in living memory!” - Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive Officer, British Coatings Federation