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The road from light to connectivity

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The road from light to connectivity
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Tridonic is a leading global provider of smart lighting components – taking light into a connected future. The company aims to make professional lighting smarter, more exciting and more sustainable, and in 2017 the step was taken to launch to the US market.

Tridonic’s heritage is deeply rooted, providing high quality components to the lighting industry for more than 60 years. With the aim to bring this message to its customers in a memorable way, we were tasked with producing an eye catching, fun animation to promote Tridonic at Lightfair International 2017 and across all existing marketing channels.  

Taking the timeline theme set by Tridonic illustrating its progression over the years, we were set the task of adding famous events to each milestone.

Beginning with Carrie Fisher being born the same year Tridonic got its name after the term for ordering three Gin & Tonics, to today with the launch of net4more occurring when NASA discovered a new solar system. Other famous events such as the first Harry Potter film, Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor of California, and Shia LaBeouf wearing a paper bag on his head all have their place in this animation.

Secondary to fulfilling the brief, the vast scope of well-known figures and events helps the animation translate across all countries and sectors, allowing Tridonic to show the road from light to connectivity in all markets.

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Client testimonial

“Launching into the American market is a huge step for Tridonic, and ensuring that we had the right animation to promote our deep heritage was important. CIB’s ideas, great support and reliable delivery provided us the tool we needed. An absolutely wonderful, memorable animation.” - Sabine Ferber, Marketing Project Manager, Tridonic