Wake up and smell the coffee

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Wake up and smell the coffee Wake up and smell the coffee Wake up and smell the coffee Wake up and smell the coffee
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Sustainable sites start with sustainable site hoarding - that was the central message behind MEDITE SMARTPLY latest advertising campaign to promote its new product, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT, a coated site hoarding panel.

Depressingly, almost one million cubic metres of illegal timber was imported into the UK last year with illegal site hoarding just adding to this problem. 

Understanding the provenance of materials is well understood by architects and sustainability managers alike but ensuring that site hoardings have also been responsibly sourced is often forgotten even on some of the most sustainable developments. It's a significant issue with illegal site hoarding sometimes containing glass, plastic, rubble and even asbestos within its central core.

Using the creative platform ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, our series of ads highlighted this important issue alongside the full FSC® certification that MEDITE SMARTPLY has on all its raw materials sourced from its own managed forests in the south of Ireland.

The strength and adaptability of the creative platform developed made the decision to roll the theme into MEDITE SMARTPLY’s Ecobuild activity an easy one. The ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ theme featured prominently across its stand design, entrance signage and on the free branded cups of coffee that many visitors enjoyed.

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