We’re handling it for Purdy

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We’re handling it for Purdy We’re handling it for Purdy
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As part of our work with Sherwin-Williams, 2020 has seen CIB start on an exciting journey to re-invigorate the Purdy brand. 

Purdy is the epitome of a professional brand, a premium product with a huge fan base of loyal users. However, the brand has lacked market presence in recent years and CIB was tasked to increase its SOV and re-establish its authority.  The activity encompassed PR and social media and included the launch of the new Cub brush, which was also supported by trade and social media advertising.

The launch of the Purdy Facebook page has been particularly successful, with over 8,000 followers achieved in the first six months, over 1.4 million post views, 250,000 video views and 18,500 engagements with a truly passionate audience.

We are now in the planning stage for 2021 and can’t wait to hit with a new campaign – watch this space!

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