Why incorrect fire door specification matters

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Why incorrect fire door specification matters Why incorrect fire door specification matters
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Door-Stop, the UK’s leading composite door manufacturer, launched its fire door range with independent third party certification back in September 2015.

CIB's role was to develop a campaign to educate the market about the risks involved when it comes to specifying fire doors and to present Door-Stop’s fire door range as the viable solution. Many people are unaware that if a fire door (which isn’t third party certified) is installed within a building, then the responsible person is liable should it not perform in the event of a fire and they could end up with a hefty fine or even a prison sentence.

To give the campaign longevity, we combined traditional PR and advertising, alongside white papers and infographics on the regulations, plus the development of a dedicated information pack and hard hitting video explaining the risks involved in not taking due consideration when specifying a fire door.

Over a 12-month period, Door-Stop has received excellent coverage within its target trade media including a number of features across Glass & Glazing Products, Windows Active, HABM, LABM and Housing Association.

Social media advertising campaigns were created across both Facebook and Twitter using the infographics, white papers or fact sheets to drive the recipients to either visit the Door-Stop website, download the white papers or ultimately, request more information about their fire door range.

On Facebook, we ran two types of campaign – a link campaign to drive traffic to the Fire Door section of the Door-Stop website and one to drive views of the video. On Twitter, we ran three types of campaign – a link campaign to drive traffic to the Fire Door section of their website, one to drive views of our video and a separate engagement campaign to drive awareness promoting the infographic.

The campaign has been a huge success and had a significant impact on sales. Interestingly, significant spikes in their sales figures have coincided directly with various elements of the campaign hitting the market.

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