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Colour workshop campaign

A college tour delivering educational sessions designed to introduce painting and decorating students to the Valspar Trade brand

Most professional tradespeople have a set of tried and trusted brands and products that they rely upon every day, and they are often reluctant to change once they find a product they like. Therefore, engaging with young painters and decorators was a priority for Valspar Trade.

We were tasked with developing an initiative that would introduce painting and decorating students to Valspar Trade, demonstrate the strengths of its range and ultimately drive these young professionals to try Valspar Trade paint for themselves.

The answer was the Valspar Trade College Tour. The idea was for Valspar Trade’s Trade Sales Specialists (TSS) to visit colleges across the country to deliver educational sessions that would complement the normal painting and decorating course content while raising awareness of Valspar Trade. The College Tour also aimed to encourage the students to sign up to Valspar Trade’s Perfect Match community.

Working closely with Valspar Trade, we developed the workshop content following consultation with a number of painting and decorating lecturers, who were excited by the prospect of offering students something different.

Presented by the Valspar Trade TSS, the content was designed to be as engaging as possible and included an animation to explain more about colour psychology and colour theory. The session also included tips and guidance on achieving professional results, a demonstration of bespoke colour matching technology and a chance for students to try the paint for themselves, as well as other products from Valspar Trade’s sister brands – Purdy and Geocel.

Our team approached the colleges to introduce the idea and then arranged the sessions with lecturers to fit in with their planned course content.


  • Exceeding the target number of students by 44%.
  • 25% sign-up to the Perfect Match community – also higher than the target.
  • Valspar Trade received excellent feedback from both students and lecturers.
  • Further colleges signed up for future College Tour sessions.

"I am hoping the Valspar Trade team found the day as enjoyable as our students did - I would like to thank every single one of them. We hope they will come back in our new academic year and offer this fab and unique opportunity to our new P&D students."

New City College

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