Helping Knauf Insulation own the Green Deal

Few initiatives are likely to have as big an impact on the insulation industry as the Green Deal and Knauf Insulation recognised early on the implications; if the Government got it right the opportunity for the sector was huge, if they got it wrong.. it could be disastrous.

A PR campaign was therefore required to work on two levels. Knauf Insulation is renowned for the expertise of its technical team and it was therefore important that they became quickly associated with the Green Deal, to ensure they became first port of call when it was launched. Conversely, the manufacturer also had serious misgivings that the proposed mechanic would not work effectively. In John Sinfield, MD and Steven Health, External Affairs, Knauf Insulation had two vocal spokespeople who were eager to be heard.

inside of a magazine with Knauf advert
inside of a magazine with Knauf advert

Through a comprehensive programme of responses, opinions, interviews and technical articles the PR activity delivered 89 pieces of coverage, equating to 4833scc. Most importantly, the campaign significantly shifted Knauf Insulation’s positioning in the market – with coverage extending to The Guardian and The Independent and the company’s spokespeople consistently being quoted alongside Government ministers or trade bodies in the nationals, Building and Construction News – a space rarely taken by manufacturers.

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