Veolia Water Technologies UK

Leading with a leader

At CIB, we know when looking to achieve success with clients, such as Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK), it’s essential to impart genuine market understanding, deliver versatile marketing services and ensure that even technical content remains engaging.

Within the water treatment sector, VWT UK stands out in terms of its expertise and scope of work. The industry-leader provides a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective products and services, and works with the full backing of Veolia, the world’s leading environmental solutions company.

As a business, VWT UK offers highly technical water treatment solutions, which are used across a wide-range of different industries. At times, it’s a complex account with a lot of different moving parts, but one that we all love working on.

At CIB, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide integrated campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes. This ability is underpinned by a commitment to some core tenets that we believe define the success, or failure of a marketing campaign.

For one, we believe it’s essential to understand the market you’re talking to and to ensure that all content produced for it has a genuine appeal. Similarly, it is vital that you are able to offer a wide-range of communication options – from infographics to technical features - in order to respond and best represent new content. On accounts like VWT UK, we are able to really demonstrate this approach in action.

Given the broad scope of VWT UK, its markets and its activities, our daily work tends to fluctuate in terms of both format and topic. Both the CIB team and VWT UK agree that content needs to be as engaging as possible, which is why we are currently working to convert much of their existing water technology literature into more accessible online blogs, infographics and animations.

Whilst this might sound simple, converting the company’s existing literature can be challenging, particularly given the technical nature of VWT UK’s products and services. As such, much of the endeavour’s success has hinged on our ability to demonstrate a genuine market understanding and grasp of the science and technology behind the company’s water treatment systems.

Fortunately, as a dedicated construction marketing company with almost three decades of experience at our disposal, we are ideally placed to deliver this. That’s why our blogs with the company have proved such a success on VWT UK’s social media channels.

“I work closely with CIB on a daily basis, managing an array of PR tasks that our business requires. The team has taken the time to understand our business and its needs, and they continually look to learn more about us to help deliver the highest quality of work. We’ve built up a great working relationship and I’m glad to be working alongside such a capable team.”

- Madeleine Morgan, Senior PR & Content Marketer, VWT UK

Throughout our time working for VWT UK, we have also been able to ensure that these pieces of accessible online content are reaching the widest possible audience. Our versatility as a company gives us the ability to also use the information to create polished corporate videos, or other social media assets that boost engagement levels.

As well as working outside the box, when working with a company like VWT UK there is a steady flow of core editorial content. We remain committed to the benefits of the print press and work with the company to ensure press releases and technical features are being consistently created and distributed for every campaign. The releases vary, but tend to denote any company updates, new product development or staff appointments. Similarly, we help VWT UK to maintain its output of case studies to the trade press, as well as assisting with ad-hoc tasks, such as landing page, advertorial or newsletter copy.

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