Knauf Insulation

Pushing the Energy Efficiency agenda

Knauf Insulation was encouraging the Government to adopt energy efficiency as a priority infrastructure investment. A key element in delivering this cross-party multi-Parliament approach was the capability of Local Authorities (LA) to be key delivery partners of such programmes.

Knauf Insulation created the idea of an Index that benchmarked LAs against each other for energy efficiency policy and key deliverables; in order to create conversations about best practice and the barriers some faced. The company researched 20 types of publicly available data from LA’s, but which had never previously been assembled in this way.

CIB developed a thought leadership programme, delivered through a combination of PR and social media, to highlight that best practice is an effective tool that LAs can learn from whilst encouraging the wider energy industry, MPs and councils to engage.

This pushed the topic higher up the Government’s agenda whilst building Knauf Insulation’s reputation as an expert on Local Authority energy efficiency best practice.

The campaign was a huge success and due to the development of partnerships and the fantastic response from LAs, the need for a second itineration of the report was secured with a major extension of the scheme that quadrupled the Index from 25 to 100 LAs.

“The success of this thought leadership campaign has been in the positive response and feedback we’ve had from LA’s, validating the need for the report. When you have Government departments, banks and sustainable construction organisations all asking whether they can join as partners or potentially buy the concept from us; you know you have created something special.”

- Chris Witte, Marketing Director, Knauf Insulation

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