Re-inventing the wheel for Zumtobel

The Zumtobel Photographic Competition is a great example of an annual campaign that requires creativity year after year to deliver sustained results, visibility and business for Zumtobel.

In 2013, the competition was in its 17th year and although the principle had always been the same, the competition had evolved. It moved from a traditional media partnership with an architectural magazine to relying purely on digital platforms and social media channels for its promotion.

The competition represented an effective method of keeping Zumtobel 'top of mind' with architects - building and maintaining its position as the lighting brand of choice in this sector. By 2013, more than 24,000 architects had requested cameras and over 6,000 cameras had been entered. In 2012 alone over 1,450 requests for cameras were made with multiple entry requests from the top practices included Aedas, Allies & Morrison, Fosters, BDP, PRP, RMJM and Zaha Hadid.

The continued success and high profile nature of the annual photographic competition is seen as a major contributory factor to the increased level of brand awareness Zumtobel has achieved with architects over the 10 years it's been running - 55% in 2002 to 95% in 2011.

To continue to increase the number of entrants year on year is a fantastic example of a simply great idea that is continually strengthened by the creativity of every promotional campaign.”

- Steve Shackleton, Marketing Director, Zumtobel

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