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The Power of Three
It’s at this time of the year that we pause and reflect. And what a year it’s been. Era defining? Politically the most divisive? You may have woken up on the 13th December thinking that politics and democracy had won the day. I would argue that it was nothing of the sort, but down to the winning communications formula of the power of three.
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Rewarding BIM excellence
Each year, our Building Information Modelling (BIM) software client holds its annual UK Tekla Awards, which recognise those projects that exhibit real design innovation, pushing the boundaries of structural engineering and BIM. The initiative provides CIB with a great opportunity to develop wide-ranging content for Tekla – from the initial awards announcement, through to technical case study development of the winning entries, feature placement and social media content, ensuring consistent exposure across a prolonged period of time.
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Is it time for construction marketers to rebuild trust in their communications?
I recently spoke at Changing Communications, a biennial event hosted by CIMCIG, which followed on the back of the Construction Media Index research to update people on some trends within construction communications. I looked into the subject area of information sources and the wide choice to choose from. An initial observation is that with much of this information now often freely available, as well as paid for, some are complaining of ‘information overload’. Add to this the fact that the quality of the information can differ widely, it is hard to know which information to trust.
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