5 tips for developing effective content

As we increasingly talk about the importance of generating multi-platform ‘content’ - surely nothing offers a better grounding than feature writing?

Catherine Caplis - Joint MD

Catherine Caplis27.01.2014

It’s a key strength of CIB’s construction PR team. We place almost 400 features a year across the industry trade press and pride ourselves on producing timely, engaging copy that demonstrates a true understanding of the issue = and talks directly to the target audience. We invest a huge amount of time in training from our clients and additional research, to ensure anyone we represent is positioned as an authority in their field.

As the demand for valuable content grows, so too will this skill set. And fundamentally, the principles of good copy will remain the same.

Here are my tips for developing effective content

1. Think about your target audience and what they want to know… not what you want to tell them.

2. Grab their attention; the introductory paragraph is crucial. You need to demonstrate an understanding of a key issue they face and give them a clear reason to read on.

3. Your piece should have a clear introduction, main body and conclusion. Tell them what you are going to say, say it and then tell them what you’ve said!

4. Direct readers to other credible sources, it will be appreciated and further strengthen your position as an authority.

5. Ultimately, provide a compelling reason for the reader to engage with your company. A technical feature isn’t just about informing the reader of the facts e.g. the latest Building Regulation revisions – it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate how your company understands the implications this will have and how this translates into you making their life easier.

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