5 Ways to Improve Your Exhibition Experience

It’s fair to say trade exhibitions tend to divide opinion. Whilst many businesses view them as an invaluable networking, marketing and sales opportunity, others have limited budgets which exhibitions can be quick to absorb. That’s why it’s so important to maximise every opportunity you can via PR and Social Media.

1. Social Media – Before, During, After

Announcing your presence at a show is important to help get people to your stand and maximise awareness. Using an event’s #hashtag or @mention is now a crucial tool for communicating with the visitors at the show and creating your own conversations with the target audience before, during and after the event.

2. Get in the Previews / Reviews

All exhibitions will have a media partner aligned to it, with plenty of other publications running preview/review opportunities. Bearing in mind that almost every visitor browses the showguide, it’s important to ensure that you are making the most of the opportunities the organisers provide.

3. Filming

With your staff, products and customers all in one place, and all signage and branding you need – it’s really worthwhile considering taking advantage and organising filming. Why not create a video series of each product that offers a quick and simple overview that looks at their key benefits and suitable applications. These can be used on all of your social media platforms and potentially for any digital reviews on the event.

4. Launching a New Product

Product demonstrations will create ideal stand-out activity on the stand that press can also be invited along to view. Product launches are an ideal opportunity to gain valuable feedback from potential customers as well as educate and engage with customers on the current issues within the market.

5. Meet the Press

Particularly for new product launches it can be beneficial to bring the press along to the stand for an update and overview of the product in question. This can be in the form of a group press event or as editor briefings on a one to one basis. Not only is this a god way to ensure that you make any review write-ups but for your marketing and press team – it’s a great way to discuss future editorial opportunities.

Exhibitions are time-consuming and costly – so it really does make sense to get your PR team involved from the outset so they can help maximise the opportunities available.

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