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Forbo X Pantone
I had a really enjoyable and informative night at the recent Pantone Colour Workshop, organised by our client Forbo Flooring Systems. As part of Forbo’s Office segment marketing plan, the company has organised a series of Pantone Colour Workshops across the UK, with the purpose of educating architects, specifiers and interior designers on the future of colour within workplace design.
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Where are all the influencers?
For many, the idea of influencer marketing seems like a relatively new concept. In fact, it’s a technique that’s nearly as old as marketing itself. Open up any social media platform and within a few minutes you’re guaranteed to find a Z-list celeb hawking a product at you. We’re often asked who the key influencers are within our market and how best to connect with them. But identifying credible influencers in our market isn’t straight forward. The construction industry doesn’t operate like others.
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What makes a good agency pitch process?
Over the years we’ve been involved in hundreds of pitches and I’m happy to say we have a fairly good record…winning about one in two on average. Before we agree to a pitch, there’s a number of questions we ask ourselves to establish whether a client or opportunity is right for us. It’s always important to remind yourself as an agency that a pitch is a two-way process.
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