A Day In The Life Of Cousins Group

When originally approached by painting and decorating contractor Cousins Group to develop a company profile video, I knew the challenge would be to create something different and engaging within what was a short two-week time frame.

The brief was to show the company’s culture, family feel and sense of fun whilst also demonstrating the importance placed on quality, its people, diversity and the environment.

A YouTube style video was a preferred route early on, which quickly led to the idea of ‘a day in the life of Cousins’ and our proposal to give the viewer a real sense of what working for Cousins is like.

With CIB having vast experience of producing different types of company profile video, we decided a video containing a voiceover was the best route, but getting the script right was key: informative yet witty and light-hearted with some anecdotes about the company’s employees.

Cousins loved the idea and provided some great anecdotes that could be incorporated into the script, and MD Ben Doherty also agreed to be the voice over to make it that much more authentic.

With a rough idea of where the script would go, based on the key information Cousins provided, I worked quickly with our videographer to pull together the shot list and a brief for our scriptwriter.

One day of filming in Cousins’ new London office gave us all the footage needed for the final video, and the desired outcome was definitely achieved – with the client being happy with the very first edit. The video has gone onto receive 2,803 organic views from a single LinkedIn post.

I experienced first-hand the friendly, family culture of the business having spent a day filming at their offices and this video really captures that essence.

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