A Fond Farewell

Starting at CIB in the autumn of 2012, a Surrey based office job was a far cry from the media-mania that was the London 2012 Olympic press conference centre, but nonetheless, was a challenge I was very excited to pursue.

In reflection upon my time at Riversway, I feel that attempting to summarise what I have learnt within one blog piece just isn’t enough!

Hitting the ground running, initially it was key to gain an understanding of both the client and the products, and having worked across a wide range of accounts, I feel that this has been the inevitable key to success. Over the time I’ve worked at CIB, we have always excelled and exceeded client expectation, and I feel that this is a quality that will forever be engrained in my work ethic.

Daily account management has involved a whole host of challenges, from gaining confidence in client meetings to getting 20 bottles of champagne to the ExCel centre for a press breakfast, these factors that have both challenged and tested my management skills for the better. Press liaison and working closely with key publications and titles to best suit the client has also been crucial to effective management and success of the accounts I’ve worked across, building lasting relationships and gaining a host of additional opportunities for the best coverage possible.

Writing has always been my passion, and within my role at CIB, due to the supportive network of key account managers and directors, I have nourished and improved my PR writing, ensuring to meet the specific criteria of a press release, feature or case study, including demonstrating crucial technical detail in a clear and digestible manner to suit the relevant publication and reader.

The weird and wonderful word of social media has also been another big learning curve in the role, looking beyond a standard tweet or a Facebook post to understand what methods of outreach work best within these powerful channels of interaction. From choosing the right hashtags, live tweeting, and managing campaigns online, I have effectively launched and ran a series of competitions over Facebook and in line with key publications within the industry.

Throughout my time with the company, I have been handed many responsibilities including managing filming and running events, which to anyone who knows, involves methodical and critical planning, but sometimes also calls for thinking on your feet to effectively achieve the end result.

Finally, working as a part of the CIB team has been like being a member of a somewhat eccentric extended family. The office is built up of an eclectic and diverse range of characters, that all strive for the best in themselves and their employers and this admirable bunch have been the daily support network that has made my time with the company so enjoyable.

It is inevitable that all things must always come to an end, but looking back, I will always be grateful to CIB for giving me a whole host of opportunities that have been the solid basis of my future within PR and marketing and inevitably given me the enthusiasm to always aim for the best.

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