All power to the case study

Case studies are one of the most useful PR tools. Not only do they provide a company with the opportunity to communicate its technical capabilities but they also demonstrate valuable third party endorsement

Catherine Caplis - Joint MD

Catherine Caplis28.11.2013

The output can also be adapted for use on your website, within brochures, presentations and simple one-pagers to email or leave behind.

At CIB we endeavour to leverage as much exposure as possible from any good projects. In the first instance, organising a journalist site visit or an exclusive project focus will always be priority – and then we’ll look to sell in extended pieces to non-competing titles. Of course now, video also plays a part – and if we can produce and place video content too, then all the better. The interviews we did on Library of Birmingham are a great example.

Finally, we write the case study up for general release – and for this a few golden rules apply:

• Could someone understand the story and get the key message just by reading the first paragraph – does it include the main reason for the client being specified?
• Is this focus in line with the client’s key messages?
• Does it speak directly to the target audience?
• Does the end-client quote give a true endorsement of the client’s product / service?
• Could the quote be taken out of the case study and make sense in its own right, to use in other marcomms material?

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