All you need to do is ASK

Understanding your market and your customers is essential. However, full, in-depth market research can be expensive, especially if you simply need to get a snapshot of the industry’s knowledge or views on a specific issue or a general idea of how your brand currently rates among competitors. That is where our cost-effective ASK research offering comes in.

Pete Stemp - Senior Copywriter

Peter Stemp11.07.2022

Through simple online surveys we provide the opportunity to ask a cross-section of the industry, or just a specific trade, the questions to which you need answers.

With recent surveys our clients have:

  • Collated statistics to use in editorial and promotional activity.
  • Improved their understanding of how the market views the brand.
  • Ascertained levels of knowledge about recent changes in regulations.
  • Gained an understanding of the publications that customers read most often.
  • Determined the criteria tradespeople use when selecting certain products.

It works like this; our team works with you to understand what your aims are and then develop a set of questions. The survey is then built and promoted to the relevant trades through social media and the data collected. The responses are then analysed to provide key findings and useful insights.

The development of the questions and the collation of results is something that I have been increasingly involved with as my background includes training in research methods and analysis. It’s been great to be able to expand my role again, as I have many times at CIB, and put my knowledge to good use.

It’s always exciting when we are presented with a real research challenge and at the end of the process, we are able to provide data that supports our client’s marketing strategy.

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