An Evening With Dame Kelly Holmes

Holding an event can reap rewards, if the investment is fully exploited - and helping clients get the most out of the occasion, is something I really enjoy.

Recently I had the privilege to work with my client, Forbo Flooring Systems, to organise an event at The Building Centre for members of New London Architecture. ‘An evening with Dame Kelly Holmes’ provided Forbo with a valuable networking opportunity and aimed to raise the company’s profile amongst London-based architects and designers. The main attraction was Dame Kelly Holmes herself, who provided an inspirational insight into her journey to become a double gold Olympic champion.

Our remit was two-fold. As part of the organising team, we liaised with Dame Kelly Holmes’ team to ensure the night itself was a great success. Beyond that, we also looked at leveraging as much content from the event as possible, to maximise Forbo’s investment by extending the reach to a wider audience - not just those that attended.

We developed a comprehensive schedule of social media activity to hit pre, during and post the event – with a professional photographer and camera crew utilised to capture good quality images and film.

To encourage further engagement, we created a dedicated Facebook Frame that allowed people to ‘pose’ with a gold medal. We also used the event as an opportunity to interview some key industry spokespeople, to create a series of vox pops that we could drip-feed following the event.

Over 70 people attended the event and were wowed by Dame Kelly’s inspiring talk. Over a month later, we are still working through our bank of content, with photographs, films and interviews from the night still being utilised to great effect.

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