Apprenticeships: A Constructive Decision

In April 2015, I started my two-year apprenticeship at CIB Ltd. As this was my first proper full-time job, I was very apprehensive and unaware of how I would balance my workload with my studies.

Fast-forward 3 years and I’m now fully immersed in the world of Social Media and Marketing, working as a Junior Digital Analyst. I’ve been able to learn on the job and become part of an incredible team.

Getting your foot in the door at a young age is crucial for those just starting out in their careers, like I did, and it gives you great exposure to the scope of work that agencies do.

Times are changing and apprenticeships are getting a lot more exposure now.

Choosing to complete an advanced apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, through Creative Pioneers, was the best choice I could have made. From managing client’s Social Media channels through to planning advertising campaigns, I’ve gained invaluable skills and hands on experience which puts me in good stead for the future.

Each day brings new challenges but I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.

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