Arms Length Marketing – Not a lot of people know about that

I’m pitching up at the CIMCIG event at the Building Centre on Thursday (tickets still available, restricted view only, we have got some spares) to talk about “Arms Length Marketing” , what to do and what not to do.

Without giving too much of the game away, before the big day, its a walk through of why you should use it intelligently and what in our experience the best methods and the results achieved from them are.

No punches pulled, it covers why e communication can be lazy marketing and how effective it really is nowadays. Why integrating your activity with the sales and marketing departments is essential. There will be a few tips on why the old ways can be even more productive than digital, with a following wind that is. Also I will be revealing a brand new on line method of arms length marketing to this industry, now that’s intriguing, I’m sure you will agree.

If you can’t make it to the show then we will be releasing the content post the event. Bet you can’t wait.

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