Be More Blog

Updating a blog on a regular basis can be a tricky business – not only do you need to make your content engaging but it also needs to be relevant to your audience.

To give you an example, I recently delved into the scary world of the fashion/make-up blogger…after a few minutes of the host demonstrating ‘how to contour’ she then went on to talk about what she’d been up to lately, “I went to my first ever football game this week…” Boring. I switched to another website immediately.

And that’s the point. Unless you address your audience with content that they actually want to read or view, they’ll soon lose interest. Having worked with Graham Plumbers’ Merchant over the past few years in order to generate content for its new portal Channel Graham, this has become increasingly apparent, and that’s where contacts are key.

In order to make the blog work, you need to know your audience. By keeping in touch with Graham’s wide network of suppliers, branch staff and plumbers themselves, Channel Graham delivers an incredibly dynamic combination of content – ‘How To’ videos from suppliers for example sit alongside stories from inside Graham’s branches – this not only keeps the blog fresh but also helps to make plumbers viewing the site feel more like ‘one of the family’ which is exactly what we were aiming for.

That’s how to be more blog…!

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