Change of Play: Video in PR

This morning I watched a number of videos on my iPhone whilst on a bus to work – including a music video, a news report on the UK flooding and a clip of Gary Oldman parodying the popular song 'Timber'.

This is a prime example of how video content published in the Twittersphere or posted on Facebook regardless of subject matter, now plays a massive role in the delivery of news, promotion or parodies to one person in a space of just 20 minutes.

A video case study was a first for me and was a challenge I was happy to take on to expand my skillset. Since organising and managing the filming and editing of the video it is now something I am very proud to have been a part of and wholeheartedly believe that this is a method that works for any client, in any vein of marketing.

Over the past two years, video has become an integral part of the construction PR team’s offering. We push all video content to online news outlets and social media channels to extend reach of our clients’ key messages. Online video content is providing a visual demonstration of a company’s offering in an easily digestible, engaging format – one that viewers find accessible by simply clicking a link; whether it be on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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