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Read on to find out how we achieved a 61% conversion rate on a budget of £980

Gemma Seal - Head of Digital

Gemma Seal21.08.2015

The Zumtobel photographic competition has been running since the year dot (well, since 1996 to be precise).

Open to Architects within the UK, the brief has always been for the individual to take a good shot of anything that is particularly unusual, preferably of the built environment, with a simple disposable camera.

In the early days, good old on the page advertising was used to call for entries, but as time and the media landscape moved on, so did our communication channels.

Now we produce a launch video, hosted on www.zumtobelphoto.com, and in recent years have promoted the competition with targeted E-Communication and online advertising. However, due to click-throughs on online ad’s decreasing year on year, this year we made the decision to cease all online advertising, and to increase our social media presence!

“What, you mean online ad’s don’t work anymore?” Well, in this instance no. Whilst online advertising as a brand building exercise is still very much something that should be done, for a campaign like this with a specific call to action to a very targeted audience, it just wasn’t suitable.

Also, we really wanted to get people talking about the competition, it wasn’t just about numbers of entries (although the higher the better).

As well as a schedule of organic tweets sent through the official @Zumtobel_Photo twitter account, we introduced promoted posts to ensure we were getting the competition out to as many relevant people as possible, and the result of this was astounding:

Total budget of £980
Promoted post campaign ran for 9 days in total
1011 entries in total
626 clicks from promoted posts to microsite, 382 of those entered. That’s a massive 61% conversion rate!

Within the first week of the competition launching, we had over 150 entries from Top 50 practices (as per the AJ Top 120) and engagement between architects around the competition has increased, with a total of 466 engagements, 26 re-tweets and 127 new followers.

Its not called social media for nothing!

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