Constructing With Confidence

With the news that the economy is back above its previous highest point in January 2008 - (has it really been 6 and a half years, because it seems a lot longer), we have had a look at how the market really feel its going, is it reality or good old spin.

Underpinned by the house builder market, those clients with a reliance on that sector can’t produce material quickly enough, especially those in heavyside materials. The shortages we reported back in November have materialised and there is even talk about increasing prices and lead times. Boom or bust rules OK.

Industry confidence has however extended much further, look at the number of cranes there are in London and beyond, its a visible indicator which tells no lies, also apparently there is a waiting list for certain types of crane too (can’t get em mate - well not that model in any case). Confidence is extending to professional services providers, main contractors, architectural and multi–disciplinary practices are all seeing more business, more enquiries, more projects all to be carried out by a reduced staff rosta. So everything is now a bed of roses – not quite me thinks.

For the marketing side of these businesses its not just plain sailing from now on. People are having to deliver new ways of reaching their target markets, the digital revolution has come and gone for many in this sector and lack of investment in the last six or seven years means that there is much to be caught up and grappled with – old technology, old websites, e communication reaching saturation point, market automation, implementing BIM is all starting to take part of the still scant budget. Then there is the problem of scant resource, most marketing departments have been decimated and there are genuine skill shortages starting to develop, well at least of those who have specific market knowledge.

Finally, there is one other major problem, budgets currently have not increased and with the digital revolution more bangs are anticipated with every buck. Now is the time to deliver and for clever marketers to demand more budget. Exciting times and long may the confidence continue to improve.

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