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New beginnings for our northern team
Last month marked the start of an exciting new chapter with our northern team moving to offices in Neston, Cheshire. The northern office has been in existence over a decade now, when I started a whole new chapter in my life; I had just got married, relocated to the north west and started this second branch of CIB. What started as one person in a small serviced office, has evolved into a seven-strong team of experienced PR professionals, strategists, content providers and social media analysts – all passionate about what we do.
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Digital Construction Week - Dystopia or Utopia?
Last Thursday (or was it last Thursday?), I made my way to Digital Construction Week at ExCeL London. On the way down to the venue, I had to change at Canning Town station, noting that if I had been there earlier, I would have been stuck watching Extinction Rebellion protestors being pulled off underground trains by angry commuters. On my journey, I happened to be listening to an episode of In Our Time, which was a discussion on H.G Wells The Time Machine.
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Where are all the influencers?
For many, the idea of influencer marketing seems like a relatively new concept. In fact, it’s a technique that’s nearly as old as marketing itself. Open up any social media platform and within a few minutes you’re guaranteed to find a Z-list celeb hawking a product at you. We’re often asked who the key influencers are within our market and how best to connect with them. But identifying credible influencers in our market isn’t straight forward. The construction industry doesn’t operate like others.
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