Social is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. So here are a few things you might have missed recently plus a tip from my social toolbox.

Instagram has had a redesign, and the internet thinks this is how it happened.

Instgram new logo

Find out more on Instagram's blog.


twitter is for funny things

Not anymore apparently. Twitter is now a news app. After struggling in 2015 to grow its user base and revenue it seems Twitter has given up being a social network. It remains to be seen if this was anything more than an attempt to jump up the app store rankings.


Facebook has once again delighted advertising teams with even more audience segmentation options and has extended dynamic ads to Instagram. 

Here are the new targeting options, which apply to audiences created from your Facebook pixel code. 


Instagram has been testing business profiles for a few weeks now, and the latest feature being tested is an analytics dashboard.


And finally here's a tip from my social toolbox. A little-known feature of Giphy can make gifs that click through to your website, check it out in action below.


To create one yourself visit Giphy and pick a gif (or upload your own) click advanced (next to share) and you'll see the option to create a shortened link.

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