Creating 3D animations for Alutec

Over the last twelve months, we’ve been tasked with developing a series of 3D animations for our client Marley Alutec.

Alice Straker Account Manager

Alice Straker15.08.2022

In particular, Marley Alutec’s marketing team was looking to develop a number videos to help explain the installation process of each of its product ranges to prospective customers and installers. In the midst of COVID, when going on site was problematic, 3D animation seemed to be an excellent way to accurately demonstrate an installation process without having to actually carry out and film an installation.

Initially we were tasked with developing a video focused on the company’s Evolve Deepflow Guttering System. We used all the available installation materials to develop a storyboard and also utilised what Alutec had in terms of CAD files and product drawings – filling any gaps to ensure the installation was as accurate and lifelike as could be.

The first animation was a learning process in terms of how to install a guttering system and recreate that accurately on screen, working closely with the Alutec marketing team to do so. However, before the first animation was even fully rendered, Alutec had signed off the creation of further 3D videos detailing the installation of the company’s other ranges and systems.

We have since completed seven of these videos and I am very proud of the series so far. I look forward to seeing the final series live on Alutec’s YouTube channel and being able to show these videos to other clients interested in 3D animation in the future.

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