Creating case study video content for Cupa Pizarras

Since I joined CIB in December 2019, restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have inevitably limited our ability to visit construction sites and create case study video content. Thankfully, as restrictions have lifted we have been able to attend sites once again, giving me the opportunity to lead on a filming project for the first time with our latest case study video for CUPA PIZARRAS.

Located in Dollis Hill, the development of a new self-build residential property sought to create a family home with a high-end exterior finish that felt like an escape from London. Early on, natural slate was identified as a material that could create an attractive contemporary façade around the rear, sides and the upper elevation of the front of the property, which would also act as a rainscreen cladding system too.

With the aim to highlight CUPA PIZARRAS’ involvement, I visited the site on two separate occasions to assist with filming b-roll footage and interview a number of parties involved. The finished case study video showcases how the project team utilised CUPA PIZARRAS’ natural slate cladding – CUPACLAD – to create a striking façade that perfectly complements the rest of the property’s design.

After working on several other videos in a supporting role, this project was of particular importance to me as the first video that I have project managed from start to finish. This required the development of the initial concept, having been told about the case study project by the client. It was then necessary to draft a detailed filming brief to assist our videographer with the filming and editing process and shape what the finished video should look like. Finally, I attended filming and oversaw the editing process and project completion. Overall, I have found managing the project to be incredibly rewarding.

I had zero experience developing video content prior to joining CIB, but being involved on projects like this has enabled me to learn a brand-new set of skills. It gives me a sense of pride to see the final result and hear the positive feedback it has received from colleagues and the client. I look forward to working on many more case study videos over the coming months.

Watch out for the case study video across all CUPA PIZARRAS social media channels!

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