Direct Snail - No Direct Mail

In the tsunami of digital communication, something else stirs. If you want to make an impact then use direct mail. Yes really. If it's good enough for digital leaders like Google, it should be good enough for us all.

Not in the old way of mass mailing, that depressed so many recipients throughout the 80's, 90's and 00's but by using highly focussed pertinent messaging to well researched target audiences. If the message is right and the direct mail device is interesting enough then it will resonate with the chosen audience. We've been commissioned by many of our long standing clients to reach markets that other types of communications have not reached. With the right message the results and the ROI are outstanding and it can show just how creative your agency is and how it thinks.

Just as importantly it can also help you to work out which of your very expensive sales force are any good, so that’s a bonus making them just as accountable as you in the marketing department. Make sure that your sales force is geared up to support the initiative by having a clear plan of contact and follow up. Experience shows that the best DM can falter on poor or luke warm support.

Whether it's ginger bread men, chocolates or good old creatively led paper based DM, there is life in the old dog yet. After all, for the recipient, isn't it nice to get something a little different, witty and relevant.

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