Eventful Events?

Many organisations host regular events or conferences and it’s easy to stick to the same old routine. And let’s be honest, the management of events is by no means a small task.

Emma Marsh - Head of PR - South

Emma Marsh10.08.2016

Events can be incredibly time intensive for a busy in-house marketing team. So why not work with a PR agency that can bring a fresh new perspective, creativity and attention to detail into the mix - helping to reinvigorate as well as professionalise events?

An example I’m particularly proud of is the work that CIB has undertaken with Prater for its Supply Chain Conference. After attending in 2014, it was fantastic to see such a commitment from Prater and its partners to collaborate and discuss previous activity and look at the year ahead.

By attending the event, CIB was able to identify a number of ways to enhance the day, from simple changes to major stand out activity. These included an animated infographic to open the event – summarising key facts and figures that Prater wanted to address in a visually dynamic way. This also provided valuable content for social media platforms and Prater’s reception area – acting as a professional introduction to the company for its visitors.

Other changes included moving away from PowerPoint to utilising Prezi to again keep presentations visually attractive, engaging and with less focus on words on the screen.

Video content was also an important step-change. Instead of simply showing pictures of its projects, documentary style project videos were produced to showcase how Prater and its supply chain partners worked together to deliver successful results. These were staggered throughout the event – bringing to life Prater’s work and its impressive portfolio. The first video of this kind was Delivering London Bridge, which later in the year was utilised for a high quality and targeted Direct Mail.

Plus, with the CIB camera crew at the event interviewing key personnel and attendees – we were able to create valuable video content about the conference itself as well as vox-pop style videos that looked at wider issues affecting the supply chain. Again, these proved to be engaging content for use on Prater’s blog and social media channels.

Now, the supply chain conference is an event we create content for – and from. An important date in the Prater calendar, when one supply chain event finishes, thoughts turn toward the next and what can be done to ensure that year on year, the event content and the delivery - is downright impressive.

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