Farewell Tiffany

After four fantastic years at CIB, the time has come to say goodbye. It is a bittersweet departure as I am equally excited about my next great adventure, as I am sad about leaving my CIB family.

When I joined the company back in 2011, I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to take my first steps into PR, particularly when many other agencies were repeatedly turning me down due to lack of experience. I will always be grateful to CIB for that chance, as well as the many lessons that I have learnt during my time at the company.

So what have I learnt about PR? Well, to begin with I’ve learnt that while being online is both a beneficial and powerful tool – traditional ways of promoting a business still remain just as strong. Another thing that’s become apparent to me is that contacts are key!

I have also begun to see the benefits of meticulous organisation. Working hard is not enough, we need to work efficiently and work as a team. Preparation, planning and recording what we do on a day-to-day basis is essential to effective time management. And sharing ideas and working collaboratively ensures that the knowledge each of us has benefits the whole organisation. By carefully orchestrating what we do, we are able to offer our clients the best possible service.

I’ve learned that relationships are key to success in the PR industry. Working closely with colleagues, clients and journalists is paramount to ensuring productivity. Unless we clearly understand the objectives of the people we are working with, we cannot help them to reach their targets. Communication is the cornerstone of what we do.

Building up good quality relationships with journalists can make things a whole lot easier, more interesting and best of all gives our clients the best service possible. Finally, I’ve learned that some things are out of our control. We cannot predict and pre-empt every situation, and sometimes things run more smoothly than others. But as a PR professional, all you can do is advise your clients, respond to the best of your ability and most importantly, not give up!

Of course, I still have a lot to learn – but practice makes perfect. For me, I am grateful to have had the chance to gain this knowledge and expertise – thanks to all the experienced PR gurus that have surrounded me and guided me throughout my time at CIB.

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