Filming at InstallerSHOW '22

CIB was recently tasked with creating content for one of the largest trade shows of the year – InstallerSHOW 2022. As part of the project, we were challenged to conduct and film a series of short interviews with a large number of exhibitors and brand representatives across the three-day show, to help promote their attendance and showcase what the show had to offer.

June 2022 was a significant month for me. It marked a year since I joined CIB and was also the month of InstallerSHOW, an event my team and I had spent many hours preparing for.

The day before the show, we had everything ready – a filming brief had been finalised, we knew the questions we were asking, who we were interviewing and when. This was the biggest filming opportunity I had been involved with since I’d been with CIB and I was really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it. However, disaster struck when, just before the event, my manager had an injury meaning she could not attend - my colleague and I would have to take on more responsibility to see the project through without her.

Thankfully, due to the thorough preparation work that had already been completed, the task was very straight forward. We met our filming schedule comfortably and packed in almost 30 strong interviews with representatives from some of construction’s biggest brands. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and get a wider sense of where the heating and plumbing industry was headed. I was really proud of what we achieved and InstallerSHOW have since utilised much of our footage to create a series of promotional videos.

The event also provided an opportunity to represent CIB and demonstrate what we can offer to prospective clients exhibiting at the event. In fact, many companies approached us, showing real interest in what we were doing and have consequently been in conversation with our Business Development Manager.

Overall, the show itself was really successful and confirmed to the industry that trade shows are still very much alive. Over 300 companies exhibited at InstallerSHOW and despite the train strikes that also coincided with the event, there were nearly 10,000 attendees.

Looking ahead, I look forward to being involved in more projects like this and helping to create an even bigger and better InstallerSHOW next year.

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