Futuristic Illumination

It’s an exciting time to be in the lighting industry. Technology is developing at an exponential rate and it’s quickly changing the entire business landscape for lighting manufacturers.

Mhairi Opalka Senior Account Manager

Mhairi Opalka30.01.2015

The versatility of new LED technology, combined with the interconnected possibilities offered by the so-called Industrial Internet is propelling the industry towards a future where intelligent lighting fixtures communicate with one and other, providing endless data, analytics and smart city services.

If that all sounds a bit like science fiction, just imagine the benefits. Sitting on a park bench you will soon be able to whip out your laptop and connect to a wi-fi hotspot located in the lamppost behind you. That same lamppost will also be able to send messages directly to your smartphone to guide you to the nearest available parking space or warn you of upcoming traffic problems, as well as instantly alerting emergency services about collisions and other incidents.

For our client, GE Lighting, communicating such an exciting and conceptual future requires something a little different from the more traditional PR and online communication channels. Hence, the idea for Illuminated Minds was born.

Bringing together leading thinkers from around the lighting industry, the blog offers a platform for sharing the latest perspectives, innovations and new business models that are shaping this data-focused future. A key part of achieving this sort of high-level insight is establishing a widespread network of independent contributors and since the site was launched last year, we’ve had posts from lighting designers, fashion photographers, local authorities and even the USA Ambassador to Finland.

As the technical revolution in this sector continues to gather pace, we’ve looking forward to even more insights and revelations throughout 2015.

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